An increasing number of counterfeit products are appearing on both the aerospace and the semiconductor marketplace. Counterfeit products are not manufactured, packaged, labeled, stored, or shipped according to Modern Industries’ standards. It can therefore be expected that counterfeit products will not comply with Modern’s specified parameters nor our quality and reliability standards. Consequently, we must explicitly emphasize that Modern Industries does not warrant any parts purchased through unauthorized channels nor assume any liability for failure of counterfeit products.
To protect you from fraudulent products: • Modern Industries’ products should only be purchased from Modern Industries directly. • Modern Industries’ products should not be purchased if the outer appearance differs from Modern’s products you normally receive unless Modern Industries has provided you a product change notification (e.g. SRI, SPS, SNF) • Modern Industries strongly advises against purchasing extraordinarily low priced Modern Industries’ products from unauthorized distributors. • Modern Industries does not support the sale of Modern’s products via online auction houses.

If you believe you have received counterfeit products from Modern Industries, please contact us (1-602-267-7248) or and furnish the following information:
• Part number, quantity purchased, unit cost • Name and contact name of the supplier with address, phone, and web/e-mail addresses • Digital photos of inner & outer label, inner & outer packaging, and front & back of product • Copy of purchase order and invoice.

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